Tulana Vulko

Orion Captain, Mercenary, Smuggler


Traits: Orion


  • I’m Orion by Birth, but I’m No Pirate
  • An Urge to Find the Truth of the Aria Plague
  • Don’t Anger Me, Else Feel My Fury
  • I Can Turn on the Charm When I Need To

Tulana Vulko was the captain of The Solid Bet, a casino ship crewed by professional mercenaries, and head of the Orion Archaeological Syndicate.

Vulko’s grandparents were survivors of the Aria plague that ravaged Arcturus V in 2271.

At last report, was in the custody of Starfleet Intelligence after an attempt to spread a form of the Aria plague on Space Station Hephaestus, claim the alien ship Zachriel, and steal Federation medical research.

Tulana Vulko

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